A look at Alex’s Personal Cigar Accessories

Here is a quick tour of my personal accessories I use on a daily basis. They range from, Xikar cigar cases 5 cigar 3 and 1, Cigar Leather bag, S T Dupont X-Tend Torch Lighter, S T Dupont Liberte Chinese Lacquer Torch Lighter, Blazer super duty torch lighter, draw openers, punch cutter, scissor cutter, Xikar cutter, vector extra large torch lighter, stinky ashtray and my collection of cigars.

Humidor Accessories

Besides the humidor there are some really great accessories that I find important.

  1. Digital or remote temperature/hygrometer. -Both are great but the remote one is definitely a plus since you can keep it away from your cabinet humidor and monitor it without having to open it.
  2. Humidity Beads and Humidifier – You can get these in 70% and 65% humidity and add them to your humidor to control the humidity level.  Very trouble free and they work great as secondary humidification to a Cigar Oasis XL or a oasis foam (wet type) in a small tupperware container.
  3. Spanish Cedar Trays – great to hold loose cigars.

Where you can get these:

http://bargainhumidors.com – digital hygrometer, spanish cedar cigar trays and cigar oasis.  They ship fast but slow email and phone support.

http://heartfeltindustries.com – excellent beads and have fast and economical shipping for Canada.

http://ambientweather.com – lots of weatherstations but be careful since their shipping is a bit expensive when comping to Canada.

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Spanish Cedar Tray1 Pound 70% Rh Heartfelt BeadsCigar Oasis XL Plus

Alex’s Humidor

People always ask me how do you maintain so many cigar boxes? Its Simple…

Cigar Humidor - Wine Cooler

I purchased a Avanti 28 count bottle wine cooler which has a thermoelectric engine that sustains the humidity very well even during winter dry periods. I purchased it on Ebay when the dollor was low at $150 and got it shipped. Shipping was a little expensive but overall was worth it. Total cost was around $280 with everything. Initially I cleaned it with baking soda to get the plastic odor out and after running the cooler for one day it was completely odorless.

Cigar Humidor - Wine Cooler

I purchaed one pound of heatfelt beads from www.heartfeltindustries.com and after winter arrived I went for another pound to maintain the humidity and they are maintained in a one pund mesh back one at the center wall in front of the fan to prevent water splashed on my cigar boxes and one at the bottom of the humidor to keep the humidity circulated.

Cigar Humidor - Wine Cooler

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