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Who is CigarBunch.com?

CigarBunch.com was created to bring Toronto’s cigar community together and also plan Cigar Events for Toronto Residents (Register here >>) in spring and summer. The purpose of cigarbunch.com website is to offer you great cigar reviews and valuable information about cigar friendly restaurants and patios, different cigar shops in Toronto with detailed information about their humidor and how to get the best prices and quality in Toronto. CigarBunch.com will be your ultimate source for Toronto cigar smoking experience.

Alex – Founder, Editor

Alex in Pinar Del Rio Region, Cuba

Hello and thank you very much for visiting CigarBunch.com, Toronto Cigar Community Website. I live in Toronto and have been a cigar enthusiast since 1998. It all started from smoking a Davidoff Cigarillos when I discovered the distinct experience between cigars and cigarettes. My very first favorite smoke was Montecristo #4 and after few years other favorites topped my list. Now I smoke three times a week in winter and more in spring and summer. As I have gained more experience with cigars and different strength I have matured my palette to medium to full bodied cigars.
My Humidor
Cigar Humidor - Wine Cooler

My favorite cigars are mostly Cubans but I difinately like some none-Cubans.

Cuban cigars:
Cohiba Robusto, Cohiba Siglo IV, Cohiba Siglo VI, Montecrsito Edmundo, Partagas Serie D No. 4, Bolivar Royal Corona, Saint Luis Rey Serie A, La Cloria Cubana Tainos, Hoyo De Monterey Petit Robusto

Non-Cuban cigars:
Padron 1964 Imperial Moduro, Tatuaje Cojuno 2006, Don Pepin Cuban Classic Robusto, Padilla Miami 8/11 Robusto

Cigar communities in Canadian cities have been bashed with anti-smoking laws in the past few years. First it started with moving smokers into a ventilated room which worked for cigar shops. Then cigar smoking got completely banned from any interior space and they throw us out there with other cigarette smokers which we have nothing in common. I really feel for other smokers and I like to bring all the cigar smokers in Toronto together to enjoy this great hobby.

10 thoughts on “About Us

  1. were can i buy bolvar royal corona cubans cheap i been looking at web sites and there like $500 a box i dont care about that but i never had one and i want them and i wana try them i seen a web site called cubanlous.com are thoes real cubans? mail me back asap thanks

  2. i have bought hundreds of Cubans from both cubanlous & puroexpress,all have been sent swiss post and i have never had a dud.

  3. Hey guy’s great site, good insight into the cigar scene in toronto.

    I have some questions, could you please get intouch with me via email.

    regards, Justin

  4. Hi everyone , it’s nice to see that I’m not alone . I recently started enjoying cigars this past spring and found that in my circles I was the only one having them for the enjoyment , flavour and relaxing experience of having a cigar not for the status or look I’m cool because I smoke cigars reason . I like to try as many as I can weather it Cuban or non Cuban because you never know what you might like and because I am on a budget ( marriage + mortgage = budget ) . Keep up the good work and would love a reply and any advice .

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  6. Nice site finally a site for Canadians in the gta area.
    I was wondering if any of you have ordered cigars from puroexpress?
    If so what kind of duty or tax did you have to pay.


  7. Paulo, never bought from puroexpress.
    There’s a Canadian supplier that looks pretty good, called Cigarchief. I’m not affiliated, so you’d have to draw your own conclusions, but I’ve found Matthew to be quite forthcoming about his product and service.

    I’m looking to have a smoke INDOORS in the Southern Ontario area…anyone know of any cigar groups?


  8. Yes I`ve ordered from cigarchief and they provide a really good service. I got my package in 2 days.I highly recomend them.

  9. Cigarfriends!
    I came across this site from Youtube.
    Sorry to say, but the Esplendido and the Lancero boxes look very fake to me, judging by the colours and the uneven thickness of the cigars. Sorry.

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