Cigar Event at Mambo Lounge, Cohiba BHK 52 draw

Cohiba BHK 52 draw for 3 lucky winners


Another Cuban cigar event full of smoke is upon us with Cohiba BHK 52 draw for 3 lucky winners.
We are getting together at Mambo lounge for Cuban Carnival Cigar Dinner on Saturday July 23. There be Live Cuban Band, Havana Dancers, Traditional Pig Roast, Cigar Roller and Tapas.
Dinner & Show is $40 paid at the door to the restaurant.
3 pack Cuban cigar combo is available for $20 from CigarBunch collection. Big prize at end of the night for 3 lucky aficionados is 3 Cohiba BHK 52, #1 cigar of the year, 1 for each winner.

Saturday July 23rd, 7 PM

Mambo Lounge
120 Danforth Ave.
Toronto, ON
M4K 1N1
(416) 778-7004

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