Bolivar B-2 2010 Canadian Regional Edition Review


After surveying Canadian consumers, Habanos rolled a new Regional Edition cigar called Bolivar B-2 for Canada.  B-2 is Pyramids 52 x 156 (6.1″) and comes in a box of 25 and only 1000 boxes were produced. Pirce is around $30. This is the second time Canada gets a Bolivar regional edition and the first time it was called Bolivar Simones (robusto) which I reviewed couple of years back. Click here to see the review.

This cigar is same size as Montecristo #2 which means its a little bit longer than Belicoso Fino but the same format. Apparently these cigars are rolled at Vuelta Abajo in Pinar del Rio from high quality tobacco and despite being young, the cigar shows great quality and texture. It reminded me of Belicoso Fino and Royal Corona with lots of chocolate, coffee, espresso and bit of pepper which made it a really enjoyable cigar. Go ahead and try one, I think this time they did a great job for Canada and its not just another regional edition.

Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill Cuban Cigar Review

Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill

Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill Cuban Cigar

At La Casa Del Habano dinner I was lucky to get my hands on a Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill which is a new size released this year at Habanos Festival 2010. This cigar has a large ring gauge which is 55 by 5.1 inches long. Three years ago Romeo y Julieta came out with the short Churchills version and the new line is following the same path.

After reading some negative reviews online I was a little skeptic going into this cigar but surprisingly the cigar looked and smoked great. The cigar looked amazing and the triple cap was applied perfectly. The burn was good and the taste reminded me of short churchill which was sweetness with cedar and with a little more power and pepper. All together I enjoyed this cigar and once I open up some space in my humidor I will invest in a box. Here is a short video I hope you enjoy.

Cohiba Behike BHK 54 Review

Cohiba Behike

La Casa Del Habano plans cigar dinners at different restaurants around Toronto and this time it was held at Tappo restaurant and wine bar in Distillery District the  historic and entertainment brick-lined street village located east of Downtown Toronto .

It was a small group and we were given 5 course dinner and 2 cigars which were new release of Romeo Jullieta Wide Churchill and a Romon Allones Phoenecia, Lebenan, Regional Edition but I was excited about another cigar which I brought my self and as you can guess by now, it was the new Cohiba Behike BHK 54 from a 3 sampler box I reviewed few days ago.

The Cohiba Behike BHK 54 started a little tannic at the very begining but suddenly it started becoming extremely enjoyable with very deep complex Cohiba flavor and a touch of cedar. This was this first time I expereinced such deepness in a cigar.

Very dificult to eplain on paper but all I can say it was like a tsunami of rich Cohiba flavor that made your pallete dance with deep, complex finish on every exhale. When I sipped on my Mojito the flavor tripled and made the puff way more enjoyable so I continued drinking my Mojito to get the full flavor. I put the cigar down for dinner and afterward I came out and light it up again and the flavor continued going strong. I really enjoyed this cigar to the end.

Overall Cohiba Behike BHK 54 is an amazing smoke which I have never experienced before and I can not imagine what it would be in 5 years. Excellent cigar and I totally recommend it. Here is a short video review.

Cigar Night at Mambo Lounge Cuban Carnival Dinner

Copy of IMG 026

Another Cuban cigar event full of smoke is upon us.
Mambo Lounge is having a Cuban Carnival Dinner on Friday July 23. They will have Live Cuban Band, Havana Dancers, Traditional Pig Roast, Cigar Roller and Tapas.
Dinner & Show will be $35. Optionally you can buy cigars at the rollers table or pay $20 for three Cuban cigars from CigarBunch collection. We will also have a draw for a Cohiba, 5 pack at end of the night.

July 23rd, 7 PM

Mambo Lounge
120 Danforth Ave.
Toronto, ON
M4K 1N1
(416) 778-7004


Trinidad Short Robusto T Limited Edition 2010 Review

I got this single at La Casa Del Habano at Toronto Location. It’s a nice little cigar, but pricey. The construction was decent and the color reminds me of Montecristo Sublimes 2008 with that dark bumpy wrapper. Cigar started medium body and towards the second third it became really nice with lots of dark coffee, chocolate and espresso which made it really enjoyable specially with a double shot espresso. I recommend this short little cigar and I will invest in a box when they go on sale next year. Enjoy a short video review.


Ramon Allones – Celestiales Finos Review

This cigar was gifted to me a year ago and I was eager to try it out today. Its a figurado from 2009 Asia Pacific Regional Edition. The draw was decent but the burn was off all the time. It tasted extremely bitter and bitterness overpowered the taste. I could taste a bit of sweetness and cedar/woody taste but killed by the bitterness. Here is a short video review.