Juan Lopez Seleccion No 2. Robusto Quick Review

Tonight after a rainy day here in Toronto I decided to smoke the single cigar I purchased from La Casa Del Habano (LCDH) store in Yorkville Ave in Toronto. Juan Lopez Seleccion No 2 is a less known Cuban cigar and not as famous as Cohibas and Montecristos which are Cuban flagship brands. I got this cigar after seeing high ratings in cigar magazine and also being suggested by a friend who recently purchased a box. Price for a single was $19.00.
Last week when I walked into the LCDH humidor in Yorkville and asked for this cigar they showed me a box from ENE 07 (January 07) which had great looking cigars. All cigars looked dark, packed foot with excellent construction. I picked one and actually clipped it in the store to make sure I would not have a draw problem. As expected from the looks of the cigar the draw was great with little resistance.

Tonight I paired this cigar with a cup of coffee which I think brought out allot of great flavors. Burn was good and cigar started with explosion of flavors with mostly floral undertones at the first third. Second third was woodsy with little spice but continued to be a very enjoyable cigar. I must admit the most enjoyable part of smoking this cigar was the ash which held throughout the 45 minute and I never had to ash it, even once.

I highly recommend this cigar if you like Robusto size and have not tried any of the Juan Lopez line of cigar. Not sure how much of aging potential this cigar has but again this is one of the Cuban cigars out there that smokes well out of the box.

Happy smoking!

Montecristo Sublime Limited Edition 2008

This video review is for Montecristo Sublime Limited Edition 2008, the  picture-perfect cigar with oily wrapper, flawless construction which delivers the true Cuban complexity and flavors.  This time I tried something new and made this video black/white to resolve the lighting problems. In this video I go over most of the 2008 new releases from Cuba and how they performed compared to Montecristo Sublime Limited Edition 2008.

First Snow with Por Larranaga Petit Corona Review

Price: $14
Size: 42 x 5 (Marevas/Petit Corona)
Box: Cab of 50
Paired with: Warm Coffee

Por Larranaga Petit Corona is arguably one of the best Cuban Petit Coronas which offers great quality, balance and value. This little stick like all Por Larranagas ages extremely well and you can notice its progress month over month. Tonight I decided to review this cigar while walking in the park enjoying the first snow of the year in Toronto and sipping on a nice warm coffee.

Por Larranaga Petit Coronas

Construction is flawless and the cap clips very clean. Triple cap held really nice and very visible.  Draw was perfect and offered the right amount of resistance before the torch.

First Third:
Cigar toasted evenly and started very flavorful but in the mild range. Great amount of smoke was coming through with each puff. I immediately tasted sweetness mixed with some woody undertone and burn continued to be perfect.

Second Third:
Burn was going great and now I was getting real Cuban tobacco taste combined with sweetness and woodsy flavors were slowly fading away and getting replaced with a touch of black pepper.

Final Third:
Burn was going off a little bit due to the wind and snow blowing away but cigar kept correcting its own mistakes and continued to show its might as an excellent Cuban cigar. By this point I was getting toasty sweetness and good amount of pepper. It was really hard to put this cigar down as I kept wanting more.

I think Por Larranaga Petit Corona is a delicious everyday smoke which can work for you anytime of the day. Its a great morning cigar or just for relaxing after a hectic day at work. I strongly recommend this cigar for beginners or seasoned smokers. This cigar is great out of the box but I still recommend aging them as they perform much better with few years of age. Happy smoking.

Por Larranaga Petit Corona

Here is a Short Video on YouTube

Successful Cuban Hurricane Relief Dinner Event

What a night. A room full of cigar lovers, Cuban relief effort supporters and best of all four new excellent 2008 releases to smoke.  Cuban Hurricane Relief Dinner Event was held in Toronto as a private event for $250 per person. The event started with everyone receiving a warm welcome at the door and a box containing three limited edition cigars and one new release for 2008. Cigars were: Cuaba Pyramid 2008, Montecristo Sublime 2008, Partagas Serie D No. 5 and Serie P No.2 Tubo.

It was really nice to smoke indoors with so many aficiniados who are together for the same cause. I met a few CigarBunch.com website fans. It was really nice to spend sometime with them talking cigars and nothing but cigars.

There was a silent auction held for everyone to put down their name and price they are willing to pay. Few interesting items which you will see in the video was a box of 25 Edmundo Dantes El Conde 109s and Montecristo B, 100th anniversary humidor with 50 cigars.

One other interesting item was 2008 Habanos Festival cigar sampler box.

Click here to view a short video of the silent auction

After silent auction was closed Stuart one of the CigarBunch.com fans and a true aficioniado was the lucky winner of Edmundo Dantes El Conde 109s. Congratulations.

Edmundo Dantes El Conde 109

This event was one of best cigar events held in Toronto with the help and support of most cigar stores in Toronto. I hope we can make a change even though small with Cuban hurricane relief efforts.