H. Upmann Magnum 50 Cuban Cigar Review

Price: $24
Size: 50 x 6.2 (Toro)
Box: Dresses Box 25 of Cab of 50
Paired with: Ice water

H. Upmann Magnum 50 was originally released in 2005 as a limited edition and following its success it was re-released in 2008 as a regular production at 2008 Havana Cigar Festival. This is a big cigar with decent construction.

This cigar has a nice aroma and the wrapper is almost reddish brown. Cap clipped nicely and the draw was perfect. This cigar has a secondary band displaying the magnum 50.

First third:
Cigar started very earthy and some woody notes were noticed. It really has the “old school” Cuban taste. It produced ton of smoke and finish was pleasant tobacco taste and the h.upmann flavor was difinately there.

Second third:
Second third continued to be enjoyable but dry at some times. Burn was off a little and couple of touch ups was required. It still produced allot of smoke but base flavors kept fading away and coming back due to young age and lack of time to get balanced in the humidor.

Final Third:
Cigar was producing less smoke and at this point I realized that this cigar needs some serious aging to balance it self in terms of burn and flavor. I think it has tremendous potential.

H. Upmann Magnum 50 is a mild Cuban cigar which mostly has tobacco and earthy flavors. Its not a fair judgement to review this cigar this young and it difinately requires 2 to 3 years to become a great smoke.

Short Video Review:

Ramon Allones Specially Selected Preview

Ramon Allones Specially Selected has a bog number of followers and is one of the best and most complex Cuban cigars available for a very reasonable price. They have been my long time favorite which never fail to impress. Ramon Allones Specially Selected have a great start and a complex taste throughout the cigar with notes of cedar/sweetness with delicious earthy undertone. You have to leave them to age for few years but they are also great outside of the box. They come in dress box of 25 and cab of 50.

Here is a short video on YouTube…enjoy

Interesting wrapper color variance on Siglo IV

After opening a couple of boxes of Cohiba Siglo IV I noticed how the same cigar coming from two different factories and packaged in the same month can have such a difference in wrapper color. From light blond to dark chocolate but both have their own beauty and I am glad to be able to taste them both and see which one has a better taste at the end of the day. Here are a couple of pictures.

Factory and Date Code

Cuban Hurricane Relief Dinner – Monday November 3, 2008

It is estimated that hurricane Ike and Gustav have resulted in 5 billion dollars worth of damages in Cuba. In their hour of need, Havana House has felt it necessary to respond.

In conjunction with The Dubois Charitable Foundation, Havana House will be hosting a Benefit Dinner with 100% of proceeds going towards the rebuilding of affected areas.
Date: Monday November 3, 2008
Time: Cocktails 7:00 pm – Dinner 7:30 pm
Place: Oregano Ristorante, 3650 Langstaff Rd, Woodbridge
Price: $250.00 (charitable receipts will be issued for a portion of the ticket price)
Drinks: Cash Bar
During the evening we will get the opportunity to enjoy 4 new cigars recently launched by Cuba in 2008. These cigars include the following: Cuaba Piramide Ltd Edition, Montecristo Sublime Ltd Edition, Partagas Serie D No. 5 Ltd Edition and the Partagas Serie P No. 2 Tubo.
Tickets can be purchased through Havana House and at most Specialty Tobacconists throughout Southern Ontario.
If you are unable to attend, cash donations would be greatly appreciated. Cheques can be
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Help with the effort if you love Cuban Cigars.

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