After Ike: Cuban cigar supply will not be effected in 2009

After two devastating storms hitting Cuban cigar industry one after another and destroying 3,414 barns where the harvested tobacco was being cured and damaging another 1,590 when they ripped through the western province of Pinar del Rio, Cuba needs 5 million dollars to repair the damage and the news is out that the cigar supply in 2009 will not be effected since they have a big reserve of material. But what’s important is the future supply of Cuban cigars are unknown and it heavily depends on how fast the can re-invest and the recovery can take place.

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Cigar Rolling Event – Saturday Sept 27th

HAVANA CULTURA Festival is in town and it seems like the perfect opportunity for a us to get together and take part in the Cuban festivities. Havana Cultura Festival runs from Thur. Sept 25th to Sun. Sept 28th across Queen Street West in the heart of Toronto Cuban art district.

I propose a get-together on Saturday September 27th at The Parkdale Drink Restaurant where there will be a Cigar Rolling event starting at 5 PM. We can then light up a cigar and enjoy a fine Mojito on their outdoor patio with other members. This is a PUBLIC event, so feel free to purchase your own drinks.

Saturday September 27th, Between 5 to 7 PM

Parkdale Drink
Parkdale Drink
1292 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON M6K 1L4, Canada
(416) 778-8822

Hurricane Ike & Damage to Cohiba Crop

Ike was one of worse hurricanes Cuban cigar industry has seen in many years. Report say hurricane Ike destroyed a substantial amount of Cohiba cigar-wrapper crop and there are predications that prices will increase due to temporary shortage of these prime cigar-wrappers. It is very unfortunate that Cohiba was affected since they had the best production ever in 2006, 2007 and 2008. If you don’t have any of these past 3 year’s production, my recommendation is to start stacking up, because they will soon be classics as they are the best cigars produced in years.

King of Robustos
Cohiba Robusto Cab 25, 2007 Production

Stinky Cigar Ashtray

Have you heard of Mr. Stinky? He really exists. The maker of famous Stinky Ashtrays.

Stinky introduced these ashtrays a few years back and since then it has become the top favorite ashtray for serious cigar smokers around the world. They come in two sizes and the bigger size is called the Herf Edition which fits almost 1300 cigars. Its a great ashtray specially when you have your poker nights or cigar buddies over and its nice not to have to empty the ashtray few times a night.

Nub Connecticut 464 Quick Review

Price: $21.80 4-Pack
Size: 64 x 4 (Torpedo)
Paired with: Coffee

I am a big fan of Oliva cigars specially Special S and Serie V. This morning I decided to try the new Nub Connecticut 464 and paired it with my morning coffee.

Construction is flawless and it cut really well except a little crack in the cap. Cigar started really nice with medium body and with rich flavors of toasted almonds and a bit of coffee notes coming across. Burn was excellent and the ash held all the way to the end. Closed to the final third cigar became medium to full and all rich flavors with a bit of pepper were coming across. I don’t think aging this cigar will help because they smoke well out of the box and I did not taste any young flavors at all.

I definitely recommend this cigar if you are skeptical of NUb marketing because they have really put allot of time in blending this cigar.

Hurricane Ike tears through Cuba’s tobacco region

September 9, Cuba

Powerful Hurricane Ike tore into western Cuba’s tobacco region today, with up to 20 inches of rain on already ravaged tobacco crops, 200 KM per hour wind and evacuation of 1.3 million. First and formost I hope everyone will safely get back to their normal life and secondly I hope the tobacco industry is not hit hard as Cuban cigars are one of the rare authentic and true products that remains in today’s fast paced world.