Partagas Culebras Review

Spring is here and I was more than ready to try out one of my coffins of Partagas Culebras.  I brought one to work to share with a friend.  We went to get a coffee for our smoke then we untied the Culebras and we each lit ours.  First off it is bizzare to hold a smoke such a twisted cigar.  Surprisingly there were no draw or burn issues.  Very strong for a small cigar, lots of coffee and coco, with a long finish.  First third was nice but you could tell it was strong.  Second third was the punch with loads of aroma and taste.   Last third was good but started to get bitter.   This was a nice 20-30 minute smoke and the coffee was great with it.

While walking we got a compliment from a gent walking the oposite direction who said to us “Looks like a nice cigar.  You don’t see people smoking cigars any more.  Enjoy.”  And we did.

Definitely quite the cigar bomb for a small one.  I highly recommend trying one.

Cohiba Siglo VI Review

I purchased these while on vacation on March 13th 2008 in Margot in St. Marteen at a LCDH.  I tried one right away on the cruise ship and was disapointed since it did not burn properly and was canoeing.  Something that has never happened to me with any Cohiba.

I knew that these and some other cigars I bought where over humidified since they were way to spongy and some of the other cigars had a bit of white mold on them.  White mold is not bad as long as there is not too much.  Just brush it off and your done.

Anyhow.  I put my Siglo VIs in my humidor with the lid off and it has stayed there for just over a month.  I took one out and brought it with me to the cottage for a smoke after a day of hard work.  I was relaxing in the shade on a nice chair and lit it.  Wow!!  It was great!! Very smooth taste, creamy, cofee and coco, typical cohiba.  It burned perfectly not a sigal issue.  It took me almost one hour to put it down.

That was a great cigar!!  I bought these for $420.00 US it is amazing that they retail here for almost $1500.00

Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill Shape change

Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill Robusto came out in 2006 and got really famous via cigar aficionado top 25 cigar of the year. The fame forced the production up in 2007 which lead to quality issues during the year. Fortunately by end of the year quality went up again and cigars are now at the level where they should have been. One thing that I noticed was that compared to cigars from June and July 2007 the October cigars were box pressed. Good dark looking wrapper. I have taken some pictures and the right cigar is the new box pressed and the left one is the old one which is not box pressed at all and almost round.

Right cigar is new box pressed

Here is a short video on you tube.

Bolivar Belicosos Finos Preview

Bolivar has always been one of my favorites and Bolivar Belicosos Finos is one of the great sizes out of this line. Bolivar Belicosos Finos are pyramids and they come in both dress box (flat) or cabinet selection which I think is better for aging. After filming this video I took the one I show in Video to smoke. Draw was great and I initially got a smooth tobacco flavor with lots of floral notes which I am not a big fan. It feels like smelling soup for me. So I kept puffing away hoping it will fade away and right on the second third it faded away and got replaced with mild coffee and coco taste which was amazing. Some people call this a full body cigar but I think its a medium to full with excellent balance and smooth flavors. I really enjoyed it up to the last third until it got a little harsh which at that point I don’t smoke anymore because every time I do the next day my palette feels irritated.
Here is a short video on YouTube

Zino Platinum Scepter Chubby Review

Today I received a box of Zino Platinum Scepter Chubby and tried one out of the box to find out the buzz behind these cigars. I paid $99 for a box of 12 which turns out to be $8.25 a stick. This cigar had a great appearance with a silky, oily wrapper which is made from Dominican filler tobacco with Connecticut shade binder.

This little chubby guy had a mellow sweet tobacco aroma which is pleasant. In the box most of the cigar foots look a little crushed and the wrapper was cracked. Not a big deal. I cut it wit my Xikar cutter and the draw was loose but not problematic.

First third:
It started with a mild tobacco taste and produced lots of white smoke. I did not find any complexity and did not pick any specific flavor except clean mild tobacco taste. One thing I really enjoyed was the finish which was a mile long and creamy. No bitter aftertaste which was wonderful but difinately a really mild cigar.

Second third:
It started to build some body which was nice as I like fuller body cigars. Finish was still pleasant and the ash was solid. It did not taste bitter at all.

Final third:
Draw became tighter and the reason was the cap was getting from puffing. It also started to become a little boring and I had to put it down.

Overall I think its an “OK” cigar and its a mile away from habanos but its perfect for beginners looking for a great looking cigar with class which does not have the full body cigar bite. It’s also a nice cigar to take to a party to show off. I would smoke them once in a while and mostly offer them to my guests. Will not buy a box anymore.

Cohiba Esplendido Cuban Cigar

Cohiba Esplendido, the master of Cohiba cigars, is rated highly ever since it was produced. With 47 gauge and 7 inches long it gives you the best Cohiba flavor you can get from any vitolas in this line. Make sure you have a good 1/5 hours time to relax and enjoy this beauty. Lots of cedar, cream and a overall a round cigar.

Here is a short video on You Tube