Fake Cuban Cigars on Craig’s list

Fake Romeo Y Julieta

It’s very interesting how many fake Cuban cigars you can find with a simple search on Toronto’s Craig’s List. What is more interesting is that as per sellers all of them are purchased from “reputable sources” such as people on the beach or on the street. What they ask for a box of Cuban cigar on the Craig’s List is shocking for example a box of Cohiba Esplendido which goes for $470-$550 in Cuba is sold for $125 on Craig’s list.

Here are some interesting postings from the sellers which makes you laugh.

“They have the authentic stickers in the box”

Where in the world have you ever seen stickers inside a box of a cuban cigar??

“I have A box of Cohiba’s that I purchased on the beach of Veradero, Cuba.”

Perfect source. Could not have been a more reliable source to buy your cigars.

“These are the real thing, not the imitations”

Maybe not the imitation but for sure it’s a great replication of a Cuban cigar.

Here are some pictures which from the first look you can see the seal is in the box or in the wrong place. As per www.cigarnexus.com website page “The Ultimate Counterfeit Cuban Cigar Primer” which explains that the seal is applied to the front left edge of dress boxes wrapping top to bottom with the first fold over the top edge of the box falling within “oval coat of arms crest.”
Pay close attention to the following pictures and you’ll see none of them have the seal properly applied to the box or even better, not applied at all.

Fake Cohiba Esplendidos

Fake Cohiba Explendido

Fake Cohiba Explendido

Fake Cohiba Explendido

Fake Montecristo

Fake Montecristo

Fake Rome Y Julieta

Fake Romeo Y Julieta

Real Cuban Cigars

There are five major elemnents you should look for when buying ANY Cuban cigar. Here are clear examples

1. Triple cap

triple pack cuban cigar

2. Packed foot with tobacco

packed foot

3. Uniform and breath taking color, flawless and near perfect presentation

Uniform color and breath taking, flawless, near perfect presentation

4. Government Seal

Real cuba cigar
Real Cuban Cigar

5. Visible factory and date code

(run your fingers on Habanos s.a and it should be burned into the cedar)

Real cuba box code
At last not least buy your cigars from reputable brick and mortar or online retailers. Its always better to pay a little extra but get the real cigar and not to put your health in risk. The best way is to see more real Cuban cigar boxes and gain expereince with smelling and touching the cigars as they have a distinct pleasent aroma. I just wanted to convey the message to Toronto cigar aficiniados to be aware of these fake cigars. To view more cigar boxes click here to go to our Video Library. Good luck!

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  1. Isn’t it legal for Canadians to buy and own Cuban cigars? Why would anyone buy crappy counterfeit Cubans when they’re freely available?

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