The Smokin’ Cigar Shop

The Smokin’ Cigar Shop

Prices: 4 x Cuba
Selection: Big humidor with little plume
Staff: Friendly
Rating: 9/10

Located on Bayview South East of Eglinton Avenue. The Smokin’ Cigar Shop carries a wide range of cuban cigars and none-cuban cigars. They have an impressive selection of none-cubans for people interested in exploring cigars famous in south of border. All their cigars are in good condition and the staff are very knowledgable, friendly and helpful. They also offer private locker humidors in their basement. They have chairs outside on the sidewalk for summer time and you can get a coffee from inside and enjoy a nice sunny afternoon people watching and puffing away on a premium cigar.

1699 Bayview Avenue
Toronto,Ontario, M4G 3C1
tel: 416-545-0063
fax: 416-545-1441

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2 thoughts on “The Smokin’ Cigar Shop

  1. Very friendly and helpful service on the phone. I’ll be visiting this store later today.

  2. Smokin’ Cigar has also opened up another store in the Beaches (East End of Toronto), two and a half blocks east of the intersection of Woodbine and Queen Sts., on the north side. It’s at 1946 Queen St. East.

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