Cuaba Salomones

Just received a box of 10 Cuaba Salomones (57 x 7 1/4).  Yes its a 57 ring!!!  I’m hoping to try these after they age a bit even thought the box code is OEB OCT 06.

Very nice looking perfecto as you can see from the close up.

They are some of the nicest perfectos made and are fairly consistent in quality.  They are not strong but have a medium body.  But that will be in my review once I get to try one. 

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  1. I see that your entry is dated from February.
    You know, you should probably have smoked one of these babys when you first got the box. It’s important to have a cigar when it is fresh, that is, when the box has been opened so that you have something to compare it to later on when you bring out a cigar from the same box that has been aging for say, a year or two.
    When I say “fresh”, I mean within the first month that the date on the bottom of the box was stamped from the factory. Many “fresh” cigars have a slight kick to their rich, youthful taste. With more experience in cigar smoking, you just might come to appreciate this–if you are already an experienced smoker, my apologies. But to those readers who might be new smokers and who have no idea of what to expect, I’ll continue on.
    You will find that a Cuaba Salomone has a very strong, rich taste in body that intensifies as you smoke it–Oh man! As all good cigar connoisseurs do, you should pay close attention to the taste (flavour) and body (strength) of any cigar.
    It takes about three weeks for a cigar to stabilize in a humidor, after that, it takes about three months for the tabacco within (binder and filler leaves especially) to begin “marrying”, which contributes to the changing taste and body of the cigar.
    Try this one day: buy four to six cigars that you like when they are new (young and rich tasting or “fresh”). Try one immediately and see what the taste and body are like–make note of it, heck, write it down in a cigar diary if you have to. Put the others away and take them out at three month intervals. One at three months, one at six, one at nine and one a year afterwards. You will notice that the taste and body will begin to change. Also, depending on what brand you bought, new flavours might emerge (e.g.: nutty, woody, spicy, honey, etc.).
    As a matter of fact, some cigars come with the recommendation that you put them away for two to three years before you smoke them (e.g. El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme. This will bring out a pleasant, nutty characteristic taste to the tobacco that wasn’t there when you first bought it.)
    Perhaps, you can ‘catch up’ on what you have missed so far by buying a fresh Salomone and smoking it. Then, compare it to what you have in the box now–it’s September so you should be at the six month mark. The wrapper, binder, and filler leaves have been “marrying” well for at least three months now. Let me know how you find it. Happy smoking! :o)

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