Frank Correnti Cuban Cigar Factory – a must see

Frank Correnti Cuban Cigar Factory is a must see for cigar fans coming to Toronto. This factory has a rich history dating 1882-1932 and is located on King and Portland. When you get there you won’t see it on King and its between Scholastics and Cheval Club, the brown door at the end of the alley.

Frank Correnti Cuban Cigar Factory

It is still operational and looks like a factory from 1950’s in Havana with few rollers making cigars. They sell their house brand Frank Correnti which is a long filler cuban leaf rolled into multiple shapes. From Churchill to Petit Corona. Cigars tatse good and they have the Cuban Montecrsito nutty/earthy flavor profile. If you are in town make sure to visit them and pick a couple of cigars. Prices are under $10 for most cigars. Check them out at:

606 King Street West
Toronto, Ontario M5V 1M6
Phone (416) 504-4108
Fax (416) 504-8380

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Casablanca Tobacconist

Prices: 3 x Cuba
Selection: Big humidor with lots of plume
Staff: Very Friendly
Rating: 9/10

Casablanca Tobacconist Smoke Shop and Accessories is located in heart of Toronto downtown right on Yonge Street after King on the North East corner.

Store is visible with the indian statue always sitting on the side walk. The owners are very friendly and they have a large humidor offering both cuban and none-cuban cigars. Prices are around 2/5 to 3 times the original cuban cigars but the cigars are in excellent condition and they are all pluming. Humidor looks like a big dusty place. Check them out at:

4 King Street West, Toronto, ON M5H 1B6
Telephone : 416-362-5724

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Cabaiguan Corona Extra Review

What better way is there to spend a Saturday afternoon but with a cigar? Especially when Alex was so gracious to give me one for this review! The Cabaiguan Corona Extra is another creation by Don Pepin Garcia belonging to the Tatuaje line of cigars. The Cabaiguan is of Cuban seed with Nicaraguan binder and filler, rolled in a Connecticut shade grown wrapper and measures 5 5/8” x 46 ring gauge. The construction was excellent and even throughout. The wrapper itself was of high quality with no tears, but not as visually beautiful as others in the same price range. Some people describe the wrapper as being oily but I did not find this was the case with mine. Pre-light draw was excellent, neither firm nor loose. I’m not sure if I’ve come across a Don Pepin with a poor draw yet so consistency seems to be quite high. Maybe the Cuban’s can learn a thing or two about consistent draws from Don Pepin. The cigar lit up fairly easily with my Prometheus Ultima lighter, and that was the first and last time I had call upon the God of fire. On the initial draw I was quite surprised this was a medium body cigar, and unlike my experience with other Don Pepin’s such as; the Black Label Cuban Classic and Padilla Miami. Immediately, I detected woody flavors with a mix of leather and tobacco, this cigar definitely has the old world character it intended to re-create. The finish was smooth and of a long tobacco taste, in contrast to the crisp finish of the Black Label. After approximately one inch into my journey, the cigar suddenly became somewhat flat and one dimensional. Fortunately, I had paired this with my favorite brown spirit, Old No.7 – better known as Jack Daniels. I was not going to give up on this smoke just yet. After a little time had passed, I reached about the 2/3 mark, the cigar began to pick-up and again I was re-joined by flavors of wood, leather and tobacco, this time with a finish reminiscent of black-bean and sweet wood. However, I have a feel that the Old No.7 brought to the pallet the sweetness which I more than welcomed. Unfortunately, the Cabaiguan could not keep my attention long enough to finish the last third. Although it provided a good smoke, I was really looking for something more; something I could savor and enjoy with the additional time and attention I had to spend on a really great cigar. I was looking for greater character and complexity, but that may not have been a part of the old world experience that Cabaiguan stands to deliver. A good cigar, but not sure if it can compete in the range of $7-$8 there are many great choices which can be had. But the Cabaiguan does have its place in one’s collection who can truly appreciate what it delivers on – medium body and old world taste.

Rating 7.5/10


Cuaba Divinos – Cuban Cigar Preview

Today I received a box of 25 Cuaba Divinos.
Cuaba Divinos - Cuban CigarCuaba Divinos - Cuban Cigar
These figurados were made to keep the figurado tradition in Cuba. They went into production in 1996 and apparently require a very skilled roller to make this line specially the bigger sizes. Cuaba Divinos is the smallest of the Cuaba line and the most versatile. Its the perfect smoke for a quick buzz in winter or a short walk.

Cuaba Divinos - Cuban Cigar

It takes around 20 minutes and delivers loads of flavor. The flavors are mostly coco, coffee and red liquorish. They have tight draws until you past the first third and they will suddenly open into this great tasting smoke. Lots of smoke and lots of flavor at a reasonable price for $105 per box of 25. You can’t go wrong.

Here is a short video on You Tube

Thomas Hinds Tobacconist

Prices: 4.5 to 5 x Cuba
Selection: Large humidor with little plume
Staff: Very Friendly
Rating: 9/10

I went to Thomas Hinds in Toronto and this place is nice with a large walk in humidor that is stocked.  Saw the Cohiba Maduros, Cohiba Sublime EL 2004 $77.00 and alot of cigars that are pretty hard to find.  The prices are a tiny bit more than LCDH which is near University and Yorkville but I think it is a nicer more relaxed place plus you can find rarer cigars there.

They stock both cuban and non-cuban but if you want an NC look out since it is pricey.  Personally I would not get one there, go to the US for that.

If you go to there site you can view their flash tour of the store and you can also look at their price list.  It is not always up to date but you can phone and get more info they are very friendly.  Check out the celebrity pics in their photo gallery too.  The smoking lounge is no more of course because of the anti-smoking laws.   It is an office area now I think.

They have Cubita Coffee there too.

8 Cumberland St.
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M4W 1J5

Phone: 416 481 6909
Fax: 416 481 6625
Toll Free: 1-800-637-5750

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Cohiba Esplendido Review

I purchased this stick from Cheers Smoke Shop as a tester. It goes about $42 CDN. This cigar had near perfect construction and draw.

Cohiba Esplendido

This is a very nice looking cigar and it had a clean crisp and creamy taste which surprises you when it evolves throughout the smoke. Very smooth cigar and it has the same flavor profile as any Cohiba Siglo line or Robusto. Had some cold water so keep my pallete fresh. What’s different is that overall it is a very round smoke which shows you that Cohiba uses the best aged tobbaco to roll these cigars.

Cohiba Esplendido

Burn was even most of the time and there is no harshness at any point except at the very end. For Cuban Churchills this stick stands out like a gem. Price is a bit high and is in the same league as Cohiba Siglo VI.

Cohiba Esplendido


I really liked this cigar and its way up there on my list. I can say Cohiba Esplendido is one of the most delecious cigars I have recently smoked. I rate it 10/10.

I would definitely invest in a box later. I think its a perfect smoke for before dinner while having a drink and munchies. Make sure you have around 1 hour and 45 minutes of relax time to smoke so you won’t waste this precious stick.